Cooperatvie Innovation


Strong Product Development And Innovation Capabilities

The Full Pet Pet Research Institute has three departments: nutrition department, development department, and promotion department. The research and development staff covers related industries such as nutrition, veterinary medicine, and food. It has a long carried out research and development on the actual needs of pets and the scientific feeding of pets., Due to the science and technology as the first productivity, providing customers with high-quality nutritional solutions, with a number of national patent certifications

  • 8
    Invention Patent
  • 22
    New Functional Patent
  • 8
    Appearance Patent

Stable, Safe And High Quality Supply Chain System

Manage and control the source of raw materials and establish a traceability system to ensure the safety and stability of the supply chain. Practical experience in process control in the past 20 years

Sufficient Capacity Guarantee

Three production plants with an actual annual production capacity of 200,000 tons. The 4.0 smart factory is under construction,and giving a 100,000 tons of value-added production capacity, centralized procurement of raw materials, relative bargaining right, and a better cost control

Provide Premium Quality Production and Technical Services

Global Raw Material Selected /Precise Nutrition plans /Standardlization Production Proceduree /Regorous Quality Control