Product Center

Product Center

Providing health and premium quality pet food for brand owners with pet operation capabilities in the pet industry,
and at the same time
providing comprehensive solutions in product development and supply chain


Formula Design

Fulfil the marketing demand,according the request of different channels, provide customizing services for brand owners.
In the provision of customized services, Full Pet always adheres to the three formula design ideals and six formula design principles, and takes product quality and safety as the first priority.

Nutrition Balance

Design suitable and scientifically proportioned nutrition formulas,
according to different types,
different growth stages, and different nutritional needs.

Pet Health

Improve product nutritional effectiveness
Creating a healthy and enjoyable quality of life for pets


Improve the palatility for the pet food
Refusal to add any side effects of palatabilit

Formula Design Principle

Product Safety / Health first / Reasonable Matching
Nutrition Balance / Cost Saving / Standardization


Scientific Intelligent Production

Smart Production

Three Production Plants,international standard advanced production lines
Intelligent manufacturing in China, efficient empowerment

On Schedule

Systematic management system,
Follow up in details and ensure every order is delivered on time.

Premium Quality

Every batch of goods in details have
gone through multiple inspection procedures.


Scientific Intelligent Production

Full Pet has a professional brand R & D and production team
Provide sustainable product development for long-term cooperative brands
Guarantee differentiated iteration on products and avoid homogeneous competition


Supply Chain Management

Establish a cooperative brand business library and a complete supply chain management based on common values  Use customer satisfaction as a sign of value   Integrate meeting customer needs with improving business and social benefits


Professional Product Training

Provide professional product knowledge and pet nutrition training courses
Suggestions will be provided to helps the brand ownner to have a better understanding on the customized products.